Meet the Team Who Made the History


He convened an all-India convention of the then 35 local associations along with a few smaller associations set up in the London mission area of Travancore by lay missionaries, Dr E. Sargood fry of Neyyoor. The convention, during february 20-21. 1891 at the madras association of the YMCA in Ecplanade adopted a resolution for constituting a national council. The first Indian National Committee comprised 17 persons. The headquarters for the national committee was in madras for one year and the convention unanimously elected Mr S. Satthinadhan as Chairman, W.R Arbuthnot as Hon. Treasurer and David Mc Conaughy as its firt secretary


He was an ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi. He was the first Indian -Born National General Sevretary of the National Council o YMCAS of India. A Christian himself, he explored the relationship between Christianity and national Identity. He held positions such as President of the governing council of the United Technological College, Bangalore, General Secretary of the national missionary society (INDIA), and Chairman of the National Christian Council of India.

Sir George Williams

Sir George Williams


Sir George Williams (11 October 1821 – 6 November 1905)He takes all the credit for this attractive mission to compound Christian principles to young mind, body and spirit.

David Mc Conaughy

David Mc Conaughy

He convened an All-India Convention of the then 35 local associations along with a few smaller associations set up in the London Mission area of Travancore by lay Missionaries, Dr E. Sargood Fry of Neyoor.

Kanakarayan Tiruselvam Paul

Kanakarayan Tiruselvam Paul

He was the first Indian -born National General Secretary of the National Council of YMCAs of India. A Christian himself, he explored the relationship between Christianity and national identity.


In 1844 twelve young men led by George Williams founded the first YMCA in London, England. Their objective was the “improvement of the spiritual condition of the young men engaged in houses of business, by the formation of Bible classes, family and social prayer meetings, mutual improvement societies, or any other spiritual agency.”

Together with the other founding members, George Williams wasted no time in organising YMCA branches throughout England, Scotland and Ireland. Over the next ten years, YMCA Movements also began to develop across Western Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and India.

The idea of creating a truly global movement with an international headquarters was pioneered by Henry Dunant, Secretary of YMCA Geneva, who would later go on to found the International Committee of the Red Cross and win the first Nobel Peace Prize. Henry Dunant successfully convinced YMCA Paris to organise the first YMCA World Conference. The Conference took place in August 1855, bringing together 99 young delegates from nine countries.

The Conference adopted the Paris Basis affirming the YMCA’s mission and purpose, and created the Central International Committee. The Committee operated without a headquarters until 1878, when a permanent headquarters and formal structure for the Committee was created in Geneva, Switzerland. This was a turning point for the Central International Committee that would eventually become known as the World Alliance of YMCAs.


1st World Alliance of YMCAs conference in Paris, 1855
1) E. W. Heyblom, Netherlands. 2) E. Renevier, France. 3) T. H. Gladstone, Great Britain. 4) E. Laget, France. 5) Max Perrot, Switzerland. 6) Henry Dunant, Switzerland. 7) T. H. Tarlton, Great Britain. 8) A. Stevens, USA. 9) George Williams, Great Britain. 10) G. Dürselenen, Germany


YMCA Madras established


National Council of YMCAs of India is formed in Madras and YMCA fraternal Secretary from USA, David McConaughy becomes the first National Secretary


A Home for Christian Students was opened on Jones Street and by 1911 there were two more hostels in Chintadripet. The Vepery and Royapettah YMCA’s took the cue and opened hostels.


K.T.Paul becomes first Indian National General Secretary


YMCA College of Physical Education is started in Madras.