Terms and Conditions

1. The Member of YMCA shall hire the Ground/Auditorium/Hall/Rooms on daily hire basis, on making written request enclosing their YMCA Membership Card. YMCA reserves their right to decline the request of members to hire Ground/ Auditorium Hall/Rooms, without assigning any reason. The decision of YMCA shall be final in all matters concerning hire of Ground/Auditorium/Hall/Rooms.

2. The booking of the Ground/Auditorium/Hall/Rooms shall be confirmed only payment of entire charges along with caution deposit. The member shall pay revision of hire charges, if any. (for advance booking beyond three months)

3. The hire charges for Ground/Auditorium/Hall/Rooms vary depending upon the utilization/function.

4. Caution Deposit will be refunded on written request made within fifteen days of completion of the program, after clearing all the materials from the YMCA Compound and finalization of account. The process to refund caution deposit would be completed within a period of 21 days from receipt of the written request for refund.

5. The member shall hand over the belongings of YMCA in good condition subject to usual wear and tear. The member shall repair the damaged belonging or adjustment would be made from the caution deposit.

6. 25 cars only are allowed to be parked in the specified area. Additional parking space is available outside the YMCA Compound, on payment of charges.

7. The member shall pay the electricity charges as per tariff. The power supply will not be available for decorations outside the building. The Member shall make their own arrangement with noise-free gensets, which is to be stationed at the earmarked place.

8. Put up of pandal and stage shall be done at the places earmarked. Member shall make arrangement for furniture (chairs & tables), stages, shamiyana, pandal, temporary partitions, decorations, gen-set etc., through the Decorator approved by YMCA. No event managers or outside decorator will be entertained in YMCA Compound.

9. The member shall bear cost of all statutory expenses of any, in case of any public event. The advertisement for the public event shall not bring disrepute of YMCA. YMCA shall have right to check up the compliance of all statutory requirement for conducting the event and copies of licenses, permission letter, no objection letter from the statutory authorities shall be handed to YMCA, in advance.

10. YMCA shall not be held responsible for loss of belongings of the member or their guest. Member shall take full responsibility for the safety and security of their guest and their belongings.

11. No local member will be provided accommodation in the rooms, but their outstation guest will be entertained on production of statutory identity proof.

12. Smoking and Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited within YMCA Compound.

13. Cooking should be done at the earmarked place by hiring necessary utensils.